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loading a swf from level 3 into level 2 by pressing a button in level1

Post icon  Posted 02 December 2009 - 01:17 PM

I have called main.swf into a container in index.swf.

is an action on my Index.fla timeline.

I have my navigation on index. (i wanted it to go on main, but the nature of the animation meant it had to go on index)

I need to call "home.swf" into "main.swf" from the navigation button in Index.swf.

When I had the navigation on "main.swf" this was my code to call "home.swf" into the page.

on (release) {

("home") is the label name where the preloader is for home.swf

So bascially, can anyone help me out as to how to call the preloader for home into main.swf from "INDEX.SWF INSTEAD OF MAIN.SWF"


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