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HTML Layouts

Post icon  Posted 21 January 2006 - 11:10 PM

I have a question regarding the way you layout tables with html. I'm interested in finding out which HTML layout method (used in the specific links below) is the correct way or the most appropriate way to layout websites. To clarify that question a bit further, I'm asking if web designers should specifically layout tables to fill the 800x600 resolution monitor fully.

The first example is:

When viewed in 800x600, there is a horizontal scroll bar and it makes it difficult to view all of the content on the page.

The second example is:
Martins Ferry Fire Department (Ohio)

When viewed in 800x600, the entire width of the page is viewable and the content can be navigated through without having to scroll from the left to the right. When viewed at a higher resolution than 800x600, there is empty background space to the right of the image.

The third and last example is:
Middletown Volunteer Fire Department

When viewed in 800x600 the page nearly fills up the entire screen (I believe it is this way becuase the table is centered). When viewed at a higher resolution, the page is centered on the screen with background space to the left and the right.

My question is which way is more appropriate? I imagine it may be up to one's personal opinions, but I want to see what you veteran HTML coders have to say.


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Re: HTML Layouts

Posted 22 January 2006 - 07:54 AM

You're is up to the individual. As far as the table size vs. resolution goes, it is generally accepted that if you are programming for an 800 x 600 res, your table should be a width of about 770 px. Another way to go is to use percentages. For how it looks in higher resolutions, I prefer the look of a centered appears as if the designer made an effort to take higher resolutions into account, and is a little more pleasant to view than something that has the extra space on only one side.

Of course, there is a migration underway to eliminate tables in html completely, and replace them with the use of well designed CSS pages.

My $0.02.
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