Java Chat Program

Development thread of my new Java Chat Program.

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Java Chat Program

Posted 06 December 2009 - 07:44 PM

Hello, my and some of my friends are making a Java Chat Program. I am new to Java so we are taking our time and really going to make this a good application, as it is the first one I am making that is actually useful.

So far, there is a Chat Server and a Chat Client. The server is hosted off the hosts computer and requires you to specify what port to use, this port must be port forwarded. The client connects to the server and in the run.bat file you specify what port and server ip you want to connect to.

Ok, so lets talk about features.

Server Features (Will be Updated)
  • Connection Handler
  • Message Sending Handler
  • Nickname Changing Handler
  • Color coded messages (Black is chat, Blue is announcement, Green is Private Message)
  • Commands Handler

Client Features (Will be Updated)
  • Nice Swing GUI Frame
  • Big Chat Area

To Do List (Will be Updated)
  • Ban Handler (Server)
  • Kick Handler (Server)
  • Mute Handler (Server)
  • More user friendly GUI (Client)
  • Private Messaging (Server)
  • Creating Rooms (Server / Client)

All of these lists will be updated as I make updates to it.

If you would like to contact me you can email at <Removed> or MSN at <Removed>

Thank You for reading this,
- C++ Programmer

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