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Where to start learning Java EE?

Post icon  Posted 07 December 2009 - 09:18 AM


I just two 16 week java classes and so am pretty thoroughly familiar with the Java SE. I'd like to go further and learn the enterprise edition and so I just downloaded it and installed it but it appears to be somewhat intimidating.

First of all, what exactly is it? Is it another JDK, a bunch of classes? I know it includes a server and is entirely web and network oriented. So am I right in assuming it is an extension that builds on the Standard editions netwroking and RMI capabilities? Can you compile SE code with the EE?

A good book recommendation or a link to some good tutorials or blogs would be much appreciated!

Thanks for the advice,

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Re: Where to start learning Java EE?

Posted 07 December 2009 - 12:34 PM

Well I would recommend downloading a application server and an IDE that integrates with it...

Although I don't use NetBeans myself, You can download the JavaEE SDK with Netbeans -- which is Glassfish/Netbeans (I don't use it, but its easy)

Another good IDE is the Eclipse IDE which will integrate with most (if not all) other application servers. Eclipse/Tomcat is a good combination, I use Eclispe/Glassfish (had to download the glassfish plugin).

Now the language diverges depending upon the IDE that you use, but basically the first thing you probably want to work on is a basic JSP "hello world" kind of app.

Now I would note that people all think that JavaEE is just Java-for-web-applications which is FAR from the truth. I work as a JavaEE developer and I hardly ever touch JSP and in fact I probably don't know it nearly as well as I should.

So I would say that the problem with learning JavaEE is that you need an enterprise project to work on to really get much experience with anything but JSP -- But it turns out that this is OK-- because the most important pattern you can really learn in MVC (Model View Controller) and JSP is a great place to learn this. So starting with JSP will be find but try to stick to the model rather than putting all of your code in the JSP pages.

A good book to get is "Head First: Servlets and JSP" -- yea it is a bit cheesy but it is all about LEARNING about the MVC pattern.

I also use the O'Reilly book "J2EE in a Nutshell" a good bit as well as O'Reilly's "JavaServer Pages" (though this one less so). The first one is a good reference as well as agood way to learn browse the other related JavaEE technologies (JNDI, JTA, JDBC, etc.).

But the most important part: Learn how to setup an app server and get a basic "hello world" application deployed on it. Especially if you know Java already -- Java EE is just going to build upon what you know already, learn how to setup a playground and the rest should actually be fun (challenging but not too hard really).
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