TCP socket for audio transmission on localhost

redirecting speech from Skype to other application

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TCP socket for audio transmission on localhost

Post icon  Posted 11 December 2009 - 04:28 PM


I found code of simple client - server application using TCP sockets, written in C#: http://www.csharphel...archive127.html . It makes possible to send and receive text. What I'd like to do is to send audio from one application to the other, I don't have to have communication in the opposite direction. Can you help me, please, how to change the code so that it can send audio, not text?

In general I've got Skype and Sphinx4 (speech recognition engine). Normally Skype sends speech to the speaker and Sphinx4 receives speech from the microphone:
( Skype -> speaker ) AND ( microphone -> Sphinx4 )
I'd like to change it to:
( Skype -> Sphinx4 )
However I guess it cannot be done directly, so perhaps it should be:
( Skype -> socket -> Sphinx4 )
And now my question is how to send speech from Skype to socket. I will take care of things connected with Skype later. Now what I'd like to do is only to know how to send speech instead of text in client - server application.


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