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Add help functionality to your web application this tutorial shows you how to provide help in web application

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Posted 16 December 2009 - 09:02 PM


in this tutorial we see how to provide help to web application.
in web application we can provide help in 3 ways
1) as a tooltip.
2) as a html pages.
3) as a compiled html help

lets see one by one
As a Tooltip
Tooltip is a short message that is displayed when user moves cursor on control.
Most of the server control have ToolTip property, so in property window you can directly write text which you want to display.Some server control do not have tooltip as property
At run time, ASP.NET outputs the ToolTip property as the controlís title attribute, which Internet Explorer displays as a ToolTip. Only IE displays the title attributes as ToolTips.
Now In server Control
<asp:Button id="Button1" runat="server" Text="Submit"
  ToolTip="Submits your information."></asp:Button>

In html control
Html controls do not have ToolTip property so you can use title as tooltip
<INPUT type="reset" value="Cancel" title="Cancels your information.">

Now let's see 2nd way that is as
a html pages or webForm
create a html page & insert your help in that page
you use hyperlink or other control to display help in browser.
always display help in separate window so your user need not need to traversing
<a href="#" onclick="'Help1.aspx', 'helpwin').focus()">
  Click here for help.</a> method takes 2 parameter. first parameter is html/ webform which you want to show & second parameter is name of new window. I am writing href="#" means refer to current page
Finally you will see a new window on same page which displays your help in that window.
or in other way
window object have showhelp method so you can display help in following manner just pass your help page
<a href="#" onclick="window.showHelp('Help1.aspx')">Click here for Help</a>

When user click on click here for Help then help page is opened in new window.
as a compiled html help
as a compiled help means it is a .chm file which consist of collection of your html pages
<a href="#" onclick="window.showHelp('c:\\project\\MyHelp \\Help1.chm')">  Show Help</a>

Note that the compiled Help file must be downloaded and stored on the userís machine
If you have a large Help file, it can take a long time to load Help the first time. Once the Help file is downloaded, however, it can be accessed quickly.

Enjoy Coding.....

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