Flat File Parsing into SQL Server

Flat File Parsing into SQL Server

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Flat File Parsing into SQL Server

Posted 08 February 2006 - 04:23 AM

I was wondering if anybody knew of any other ways of efficiently parsing a flat file into SQL Server 2000 using C#. The flat files are tab delimited. And the general file size is around 1 GB so this code has to be ultra efficient. Its a colllection of few flat files which willl be mapped to a relational structure in the database.

Following are the options I am looking at:
1. Using Datasets to read the data and execute one stored procedure per row. I am not finding this efficient at all obviously.

2. Reading the flat file, rewriting it so as to map it exactly to a table and then using Interop to invoke Sql BCP utility. This approach looks good but I would like to explore a bit more and see if I can avoid using an interop.

Please only give me approaches you think can be explored. I am not after code here yet.



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Re: Flat File Parsing into SQL Server

Posted 08 February 2006 - 08:49 AM

Is this a task that will have to be performed on arepetitive basis? If not, I would suggest you simply import the files into tables that you've created.

Although it sounds simplistic, one of the best approaches it to simply read from the text file as a string, split the data by the delimiter (tab), and write an insert procedure, although it could be long with 1 G of data.
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