Beer Pong Management System

A small fun tool, to help out whoever is running a large party

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Beer Pong Management System

Posted 18 December 2009 - 03:54 PM

First the rar is on my websites project page HERE there is two files the current 1.6 version and the beta 1.1b. Dont want to navigate to my site? Click here for DL link. (Dont get your hopes up for my website, I'm not a web guy, lol).

I started this as a side project for fun in the summer, though probably only put in a month or two of actual true effort.
This is a fun little program that will keep track of a beer pong table's line and winners (However this can keep track of any 2 player teams, if you wanted). As you create the teams you can give yourselves a team name, and the program will track your longest winning streak, and where you are in line.

The primary functionality is to queue people in line, and progress through the line, and if you want to play again, re-queue into the line as the same team. So this is why my program is slightly weird because I wanted to really keep that functionality up front at all times, and also create nice big buttons and fields for the potentially slightly inebriated players still able to use it.

More advance features include a list of all players where you can actually see everyone stored, queue straight from there, delete (not just remove from line, but delete the team), as well as reseting various options, changing the visual theme, and most importantly adding a password system. So if someone in charge of the table doesn't want some random person deleting other people, he can prevent that.

Also very unique is my saving system, which is by design to be able to use this program for multiple tables at once. I thoroughly explain it in the README!!!!!
Please any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. I have yet to test this at a party greater than 6 ppl so im not sure its true practicallity, but hey I'm having fun designing and coding it so no real loss if no one wants it

P.S. Fans of the Konami code will find a nice surprise however the only hint is you cant use the arrow keys (GL finding it)

While i prefer response to this thread, suggestions by PM or my email swiftstriker00 (AT) gmail (dot) com, are okay too, just put BPMS somewhere in the subject line, thanks and I hope you enjoy my program

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