Very specfic search results of other sites on my website with search b

I want links to specific posts/articles from other websites to appear

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Very specfic search results of other sites on my website with search b

Post icon  Posted 25 December 2009 - 05:15 PM

First of all I highly research on the web and this site the questions I ask before ever resorting to posting a question here. So I have spent weeks trying to find the answer to this with little luck.

My website deals with virtual investment items in an MMORPG. Every item available for sale in the game has a dynamically created page on my site that provides current prices and other data. It's all done in php with a little javascript thrown in.

On these Item Detail pages I want to add a news box that has searched various sites dedicated to the MMORPG and display links to blog articles and forum posts only about the specific item that the page is about. For example, if someone is interest in a Golden Sword, my site's page about Golden Swords will go out and look at several other sites and display five links to articles/posts only about Golden Swords. No search box is required or wanted.

So I would like to use php to check a search engine like google and find these links and then display them on the item's page. I know google has an api for something like this And maybe that is the route I will have to go. But my research of that api has been less than promising. And I have no problem with Google branding. But I do not want a search box at all. I only want to display the five search results specific to the item on the page (and any required branding). I only want the results. The page the search is coming from is the search query already.

So, if anyone knows how I can go about this and point me in the right direction please help. I know this might end up skirting the line past php. But I would love it if I could have php do the search and bring it up on the page. I'd like to avoid client side javascripting and such. I want the data already found and formated with the page loads in my visitors browser.

You can see an example of an item details page at http://www.grandexch...ragon%20leather. In this case I want to put a news box at the bottom of the page that links to five articles/posts about Red Dragon Leather.

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Re: Very specfic search results of other sites on my website with search b

Posted 25 December 2009 - 06:51 PM

Ajax request to the google API should do the trick i mean unless you built some kind of web crawler to crawl the sites and build a sitemap then use ajax to quick refrence it for matching keywords and links
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