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Lau Jensen - Python Vs Clojure -- Evolving

Posted 29 January 2010 - 04:49 AM

I read this earlier and found it interesting. Thought maybe some of you might find it interesting as well, so I'll post a link here. Maybe it will even spark some interesting discussion.




Lau Jensen, the author of this post, has requested that I say something here.

Here is what he said in the #Clojure IRC channel when I mentioned I has posted this link:


<LauJensen> Raynes: Rich Hickey prefers that we avoid direct comparisons, especially those with value judgements such as the ones I make in that post. - I'm personally a little torn on the issue, because 1) I dont want to step on anybody to promote Clojure, but 2) There are people who benefit from hearing others (in this case my) experience and the resulting conclusion
<LauJensen> I'm not sure how much it will hurt, but its important to distance Rich from those kinds of posts. What has happend with most of the comparisons is that a multitude of people write counter-blogposts showing of certain feats of their language which the feel weren't represented, and I encourage that

Obviously, some of what he says is subjective and his conclusion is just that - his conclusion. He felt it necessary that I say this, and I have to hand it to him for voiding responsibility from the Clojure community. He's right though, Rich has explicitly asked Clojure users to avoid direct comparisons between Clojure and other languages. Primarily because he recognizes that these different languages are trying to solve different problems, and sometimes direct comparisons aren't really fair.

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