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Decompiled EXEs, DLLs of VB Program - Still Can't Find Specific Er

Posted 30 January 2010 - 08:41 PM

Hi all,

I was referred here by a few members of the Excel VBA/Programming forum as I'm totally new to using vb 5/6.

I've decompiled a group of Exe's and DLL's in the Windows program file folder of a specific application (Program name = Aegis). I need to disable an error message from coming up when putting in specific parameters, but I can't seem to find where the error criteria/messages are located.

In the zip attached, assume the program Aegis.exe is opened, and I'm required to put specific data into about 25 different fields. If certain information is put in, I click the "Calculate" button, an image of the word "Calculating" displays, and then a PDF document is created, with no error messages.

If I put in certain information that the program doesn't like, the following error message is reported:

The policy has lapsed.

Under current assumptions, cumulative premiums in the first five years are less than three times target premium at issue.

Under current assumptions, the policy has lapsed.

Specified premiums are not sufficient to continue coverage through the 20 year minimum illustration period. Please increase premium or decrease face amount.

Illustration failed

My goal is to disable error messages from coming up, allowing the program to run, and spit out the output PDF no matter what.

Due to file size, a zip file of everything is uploaded here: Aegis

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Re: Decompiled EXEs, DLLs of VB Program - Still Can't Find Specific Er

Posted 01 February 2010 - 12:16 AM

Generally we don't help people with modifying/hacking software. While I realize that you may have a valid need to modify from old program... but this is really not the place to ask.

Get a good debugger and run the program preforming whatever action causes the error message.
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