Looking for game programmers

my idea for a real-life sim mmorpg

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Looking for game programmers

Posted 02 April 2006 - 03:33 PM

First of all thanks for reading this:
This idea has been in my head for about 4 years now but because I don’t really know any programming language I can’t make my dream come true.
This is why I’m here to find some people who are interested in my idea and are prepared to team up and make this game.
First of all it is going to be a text-based mmorpg or an 2d mmorpg build with the Eclipse engine (http://www.touchofdeathproductions.com/)
Here are some idea’s I woulld like work out in Virtual City.

Virtual City is a real life simulation, you start as a boy/girl at the age of 18 in one of the 4 city’s located in Virtual City.
You start with 10000 VC thats the local currency. With this money you can do verious thing.
In the beginning you can start:
-Building a house, to build a house you have to contact (You can contact people by looking in the newspaper where people can put ads like “I’m a builder and i’m asking 5000 VC to build a house”) 2 people that have the following occupation: Builder , Bricks transporter.
The builder and bricks transporter have to be payed and they can ask as much as they want, but the future house owner decides if he is going to take that builder or look for a cheaper one.
-Making some money and rent a house
There are many jobs you can do:
-Deliver mails and get money from the postoffice
-Clean the streets by picking up papers and bring them to a recycle center
-Work as a gardener and give water to the flowers

With the money you earn you can buy things like a car and some stuff to decorate your house.
Then we have the political side of Virtual City, in VC you have 4 little districts each with their own mayor and ministers. They rule their city and have to make choises like building roads, parks, …
They get elected by the people of their city who have to vote every 3 weeks.

There is also a crime aspect in VC, you can buy weapons start gangs and steal money from other players but watch out there are also policemen who get paid for spotting criminals and putting them into jail.

Well i hope you have an idea about what i want to build.
If you can make 2d graphics (sprites..), now php and can build a web based game, or know something about C++. Feel free to contact me and maybe my dream can come true. I’m sure that this type of game will make lots of people happy.

Contact me at [email protected]

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