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Creating an image map that can be uploaded to

Posted 17 February 2010 - 06:36 PM

So, I am creating an image map using this mapping software and since I'm new to web development all together I have a handful of questions if you guys don't mind pointing me in the right direction. For a little background, I've been studying HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & SQL. (Not a pro by any means but I can grasp the concept of these and coming from a VB6 background, I understand what purpose the variables and functions serve. So here are my dilemas;

1. When mapping a grid (literally a grid of 100*100), do I map the whole grid or one cell at a time? I want the end result to be people can upload images and place them on the grid in a predetermined number of cells.

2. When creating my upload I want the image to be uploaded, initially, to mySQL db and then posted to the grid(doesn't matter which order this happens in). Is there a way to only post images that are in the database(meaning if I stored my images in a binary, is there a way to program my map to pull from the grid and is this an efficient way to do this? and which program would be most efficient for file uploads to SQL? I'm thinking PHP but I want to reconfirm(again, I'm a newbie)

3. I'm currently using GODaddy for my hosting (which is horrible and I don't ever recommend using them :)). Does anyone know of a better host and when my hosting package is up in April, how do I retain my site name and transfer it?

4. I've just begun using z-index with CSS and my grid is set to -1. Do all my images have to be set to a + or just 0? (trying to wrap my head around CSS & Z-index).

Thats it for now(I think)....thanks in advance if you've read this far and can help at all!

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