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Google Commerce Search for Online Shops doing a Test Drive

Posted 16 March 2010 - 08:10 PM

Last year Google has announced their Commerce search for those people who search products or services online. Google Commerce aims to make e-commerce searching is as easy as using Google.com. Most people today buy and sell products online and search is a huge part of finding the correct product, whether they would like it for themselves or to give for someone else.

At this point in time, Google is now "test driving" the potential of their newest enterprise product. Google Commerce Search gives you an output based on an individual search parameters or characteristic, product promos, and customization. This allows the owner of online shops to focus more on merchandising and quality of search instead of issues such as infrastructure and peak loads.

Google Commerce Search developed a reference application using Google Web Toolkit (GWT). By including the GWT-generated Javascript within a sample page, and adding a few "div" tags to surround elements to replace, it is possible to take a static HTML page and turn it into a robust AJAX application, deriving results from Google Commerce Search.On this manner Google Commerce can present results as if they were within the client's site itself, fully functional with faceted navigation, promotions, and all the power of Google's searching relevance.

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