Using Agile vs. Waterfall for Classroom Projects

Teachers need to implement Agile Methods over Traditional for Project

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Using Agile vs. Waterfall for Classroom Projects

Posted 17 March 2010 - 10:06 AM

Hey DIC's,
I just would like to get some feedback on this issue I have experienced at my school. My degree has a three-part series of classes for Software Development (SD1, SD2, and SD Project). In all three we use the Traditional or Waterfall SDLC for our projects in each class, with the exception of SD Project where we actually use Waterfall for the 1st half and Scrum for the second half. I understand the importance of learning, understanding, and implementing projects via the Waterfall SDLC, but a semester is truly too short to waste so much time doing all of the required documentation by the Waterfall SDLC. My SRS document last semester was 50 pages, granted this is small when compared to real life, but students do not have the time to write such documents when they are taking other classes. Design in MS Visio is a pain as well. My idea of projects for SD classes should be that you produce working quality software on time (and within budget). Using the Waterfall SDLC and its documentation makes it difficult on students to do this. This is why I think teachers should really consider using SCRUM or other Agile methods for student projects. I like the use of stories and the fact that design can be done on the whiteboard quickly. It seems like a more effective and efficient process for students. It allows ideas to be clear and concise without having to navigate through pages of bs**t. It allows the students to focus on creating and completing a quality working product on time without all of the hassles of a traditional approach. What do you guys think?

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Replies To: Using Agile vs. Waterfall for Classroom Projects

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Re: Using Agile vs. Waterfall for Classroom Projects

Posted 17 March 2010 - 10:55 AM

Truly, you can use this theory for many different subjects within school. Often, a term or semester is not enough time to get down and dirty and really in depth on many subjects, and sometimes advances subjects like this "could" call for a more intensive or length of study, but ultimately, that is up to the course and degree designers to designate, and hopefully your school has designers who understand what a student requires.

I think covering several environments gives a student more of an overview, that can help somewhat understand different development methods, then further studies can be made depending on your degree.
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