PLz help me as early as possible

problem in j2me application

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PLz help me as early as possible

Posted 20 March 2010 - 07:14 AM

hello guyz im building 1 application using j2me & oracle which is some what related to ERP system.
in database there is one table called "retailer_product" which contains retailer product mapping
another table called "stock " has fields "transaction_id , product_id, amount"

so in my aplication there is drop down list which contains retailer ID
so whenever i selects retailer ID it should search in database in it should show the all products that are present with that respective retailer along with textbox in front of every product name so i can enter quantity in stock.After i enter quantity n i press submit STOCK table should get updated..

problem is that how i will get LABLE of all product names & TEXTBOX in front of product name at runtime for that respective retailer ..

[/b]plz help as early as possible

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