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Incremental Software Development Process

Posted 21 March 2010 - 08:50 PM

hi there

i planned to create a web crawler in java. i planned to do it in 3 deliverables.. so i though of using incremental software development process... before that i wanna know what are the strength and weakness in using this particular development process for creating a web crawler(few strengths and weaknesses plz)... any answers comparing agile development and incremental process is also welcome....
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Re: Incremental Software Development Process

Posted 22 March 2010 - 01:56 PM

Are you referring to "deliverables" as what the customer will receive? Or are you just using such an enterprisey term to refer to your own internal release structure?

You said you want to do it in 3 iterations essentially. Do you know what each of these iterations is supposed to contain? If so, you should already notice what strengths/weaknesses there are to this method. You won't have a fully featured project until the end (weakness) but you won't have a monolithic application to fully bang out (strength). You can check with the customer to ensure each iteration accurately matches the requirements (strength) but the customer will have the ability to say what works and doesn't which may add scope creep/feature creep to the plan (weakness).

The main strength is adaptability to change.
The main weakness is customer will own you every step of the way.

I hope you have practice in how to say no.
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