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.MSI (Installer File for MS Visual Studio 2008 (VB .Net)

Posted 23 March 2010 - 02:01 PM


I have a MS Visual Studio .NET project created. I also went through the basic steps to add a setup project which created both an .MSI and a setup.exe file under the "Release" folder within the Debug folder.

When I ran the setup.exe it installed the website on my http://localhost/Program/default.aspx which is fine and all..

My only problem is that the website does not have some of the customized icons that should be displayed, some of the other files are also missing such as "filename.txt" found in the main directory of my program used for specific calculations.

I guess my two questions are:
How do I add "All" the files inside my project to the .MSI?? The Website works fine, but its missing some files.

My second question, what if I "Remove" the program? Will it delete all directories, even files manually added to some folders AFTER the installation? For example: Lets say that my website contains a folder called "Data" which gathers data for specific purposes. The "Data" folder is often changed to replace outdated "Data", so when I need to make an update to the program the "Data" should not be removed, my 'client' should be able to just Add/Remove the program to update the program but all the other files should remain unchanged.

Hehe, If nothing of the above made sense I will repost taking it a step at a time.


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Re: .MSI (Installer File for MS Visual Studio 2008 (VB .Net)

Posted 23 March 2010 - 04:55 PM

Check out this tutorial
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