COMISSION: Secure Flash php script

Looking for a SECURE flash and php password script.

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COMISSION: Secure Flash php script

Posted 25 May 2006 - 12:04 PM

I am looking to create a very simple flash movie.

It consists of one page, where the user eneters a word. If that word matches the key-word (like a password) then they are given another page or frame in the movie where they can enter thier information (so that they may claim the prize they won by entering the correct word).

I am assuming that I would have to use php to make sure the real password is secure, but I am not sure how to impliment it.

I am willing to pay for someone to either walk me through it, or to privide the actionscripts/php.

It is essential that the password is secured beyond a doubt.

Please email me at arkestra at or im me at KL4.

Thank you.
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