Game of Life?

Jesse Schell's interesting idea about the future...

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Game of Life?

Posted 06 April 2010 - 01:01 AM

Alright, so I'm up late at two in the morning, Stumble-ing across the Internet, looking at interesting things in the programming thread. And I came across this horribly fascinating video about the future of games. Go ahead and watch it (about thirty minutes long) before reading below, since I really don't think I could adequately summarize his ideas.

It's the last bit that I'm thinking about. How many of you actually see this as a viable future? Like he said, people are overly concerned (in my opinion, likely there are a few people here who love the game and play it (then again, I play Achaea, so I don't have much room to talk, what with being concerned with text-perience and text-gold)) about this fake cash on games like Farmville, and to be able to actually spend points on real things, like discounts, tax breaks, lowered utility rates, lowered health care premiums... I can see myself, if such a world were to exist, willing to take part in it, and I don't doubt that others would as well.

But what about the technology, ensuring that points will be collected properly, avoiding point fraud, preventing 'hacking' of the point system? What about data storage, collection, and transmission? Would disposable technology, as he put it, really reach the point where soda cans have screens, cameras, and WiFi? Despite the amazing rate technology has advanced, somehow I have my doubts that it will ever reach that point. Mostly, the issues of limited resources for constructing such things in a massive amount of products, most of which will be thrown away in a very short period of time, given the rather low recovery rate of those resources through recycling (when people remember to recycle, though I'm positive there would be points for that).

I'm curious about your opinions and viewpoints on the subject, not just whether it's a viable system, both in technology and in general, but your opinions on the system itself.

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Re: Game of Life?

Posted 06 April 2010 - 01:18 AM

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