BESPOKE WEBWORK Website Design and Implementation

I'm Looking to do your WYSWIG Website...

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BESPOKE WEBWORK Website Design and Implementation

Posted 17 April 2010 - 08:52 AM

I am touting for work, which seems to be allowed at D.I.C. So here goes... I have designed and implemented several sites for friends and family and feel sufficiently experienced to offer my services for the public. Because I am not 'BIG' in the world of Web Design, my work is inexpensive and highly personalised.
Please visit my website for more information...
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Re: BESPOKE WEBWORK Website Design and Implementation

Posted 17 April 2010 - 01:33 PM


It's inexpensive for a very very good reason. Personalized or whatever excuse you have no design skill whatsoever if you call that web design... I suggest sticking to family and friends because in teh real life web design field this is the equivalent of a highschoolers design work.

You're far from being able to actually sell your work online, and 200 GBP for one of those designs? No... I've seen real designers charge 1000-2500 US$ for a design and your level may be at 50 US$ if that even.

Most of your "design" is extremely low end and has amateur written all over it. Most good designs take a week to make or more easily.

Look at those sites, half the code you use and much much better quality. Speaking of code I have no idea how you're trying to make it but it's atrocious at best. Tables have no place in Web Design and you need to know every line of code and be able to write an entire site on paper before you even think of offering services to others.

Learn code the right way, use only notepad to create at least 5 pages based solely on HTML and CSS Floats for design. If you don't know how to make a CSS float site look in the CSS tutorials here or use google to find more tutorials.

Highly personalized? The reason for the price of pro design is the personalization and customized themes down to the last graphic. They fly out to meet their clients most of the time and can take months to get things perfect, tell me that's not personalized...

I'll be blunt here, you're 5 years too early to even think about offering public Web Design services. Read articles, learn, practice, you have a long ways to go.


Read all the sites in that topic.

I'm not trying to tell you not to go for web design, merely that I've seen everyone and their mother design at that level so unless you mean to get serious then you'll always be that neighbor that could "do a pro's work" for 50$.
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