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OnMouseOver TD Background changes

Posted 02 September 2001 - 09:36 PM

Ok, I guess this one ought to go to Sky since his mouseovers on this site are totally sweet.  I need to gind the coding for the mouseover effect that changes the BG Color of the table cell.  My question is, I've tried to get the same effect using Javascript and/or CSS. I can get it to work in IE but NS is NO GO (typical). My guess is a better JS or a clean CSS is needed for this effect to work in both browsers.  HELP! :p
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Re: OnMouseOver TD Background changes

Posted 02 September 2001 - 09:43 PM

Oh boy, another NutScrape issue... go figure... well Peter, dream.in.code doesn't work well in netscape, the drop downs don't even drop down, not alone have the cell colors change... I'm not an avid NS user, so I can't tell ya where to find a good script for that... what are you using it for and it is vital to the site... I know it's cool, but NS sucks and even though half the district uses it... CSS doesn't even work on 4.0 so it's tough to find anything good...

If you want to investigate, download the same program I used to make my drop downs

www.selteco.com it's the menu maker.. evaulate it for 5 days and then give me a call :)

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