SQL Server 2000 - Remote

Connect 2 PCs with Sql Server

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Re: SQL Server 2000 - Remote

Posted 11 June 2010 - 05:15 AM

you talk about access right? if so it is not recommended but still you can use it. in the connection string where your database path is change it to \\Server\SomeFolder\MyDataBase.mdb where \\Server is the computer name of the server (in your case PC1 i guess). but be careful i think you need to read this:

and this:

if i recall correct you have to make some protections about using it on the network that not allow the user to overwrite other users information etc.

BTW here is an idea instead of using Sql Server 2000 Enterprise why not using other like mysql.

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#17 Guest_evry1falls*


Re: SQL Server 2000 - Remote

Posted 11 June 2010 - 03:25 PM

MySql ============= You are reading my mind i was just looking fr it ...
and to let you know also ... the Pcs are only 4pcs . so i guess it is ok with MS ACCESS 2003 . THEY ARE NOT TOO MUCH ...
AND THE USERS are already controlled not to open any table but the tables they are permitted by the VB CODE and the database itself ...

and im still insisting on trying the Sql Server 2000 anyway, but that will be later , i need to finsish my project and hand it over to the client in time , so i will use any available Means, im sure now my Software will be less price . but anyway !

i will read your both links and see what i can do with my software ....

keep up with my ,, you are helpin me big time, you have no idea
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