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Windows XPe and Citrix

Posted 10 June 2010 - 10:30 AM

I have been tasked with creating a new XPe image for the Thin Clients in the labs I manage. I have everything set up correctly, except for the linkage to Citrix. I am using the latest XenApp plugin, and we are on Presentation Server 4.5.

The trouble is this: users need to be able to double-click a file and it needs to open in Citrix. This is possible using Client-Server content redirection, but half of our lab is full desktops, and they use many apps locally, and enabling this would break the desktops.

I have also tried adding the "\*" at the end of some applications, for optional command-line arguments, and it does not seem to accept the arguments as passed when called (eg from ica32run winword.exe \somefile.doc).

Any ideas on what to do, or what could be broken?

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