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My Website doesn't display correctly in IE or Chrome

Posted 15 June 2010 - 10:00 PM

For a Year 10 IT project, we have to make websites for the teacher's wife's Toy Library.
After finishing mine (using only notepad), I discovered that it doesn't display correctly in IE or Chrome.
I have tried fixing it, but haven't succeeded.

The problems are:
  • Info in right side of header aligned incorrectly
  • Info in right side of footer aligned incorrectly
  • Tabs on NavBar aligned incorrectly
  • Picture Popups don't display

I have uploaded the entire project as a zip file. It is about 1Mb (with most pictures removed * )

Attached File  My Site.zip (1003.56K)
Number of downloads: 154

* Note: When looking at the "Toys Listing" page, only the first listing has pictures in it, as I deleted the rest to save on space.

The most likely place for there to be problems is in one of these files:
  • Head.js
  • Bottom.js
  • mystyles.css

Could someone please take a look at the project, and see if you can find anything which could cause cross-browser compatibility issues (other than IE=crap (but then again, Chrome is quite good)...) ?

My project is due on Friday this week (GMT +12), but I would still like to resolve this even after the deadline.

One last note: I did this All in Notepad++ (whereas almost all of my class used DreamWeaver), and I am 14 (lol idk what I put on my D.I.C profile...)
That being said, could I please have a /5 or /10 on this project?
Yes I do know that ^ should probably be in the "Site Check" section, but this site is basically finished, and I didn't want to post 2 threads.


Semi-Solved the problem, Now it displays correctly, but IE still cannot view the Popups. I don't think that there is even a possibility of an
(it won't accept it) in IE?

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