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VMs and server

Posted 22 June 2010 - 06:06 PM


So i now have created the other day a super server for my remote uses running server 2008 r2. I often need lots of computers and OS. At the moment I have he following set up:
Macbook pro
6 x windows laptops
3 x windows desktops
3 x windows servers
2x netbooks
plus shit loads of monitors
anyways my new server consists of:
a quad core processor
16gbs of ram
2Tb Hard drive
1 optical disk

So I wanting to use it as my remote desktops and other such things while away from home. I was wondering what OS's to install on Vmware workstation?

I already have:
Linux Mint

I want a wide collection? Also if you ask what uses will this be? For example I will install around 20 XP machines for testing virtual networking architecture for example.

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