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Importance of a secured wireless network

Posted 21 August 2006 - 07:17 PM

I've had my laptop for not even a week and I've had plenty of time to mess around with wireless internet. My messing around got me to find a hotspot in my uncle's apartment building, that I am using right at this moment. Just to check what kind of security the guy had put on his router, I checked out his network shares and wireless router settings.

So about the network shares. He was obviously using his PC as fileserv for his lappy, because every share element was client write-enabled. These shares included:

-"D" which was probably a CD drive on which he shared the drive roots. So I could steal his software or personal information anytime. But I didn't.

-"Shared Docs", prolly a user's My Docs folder which was shared but never used, since it was empty. Not nothing much there.

-"Printer", which I downloaded the drivers to, but couldn't print because I was a guest and the printer was prolly configured by default to not accept prints from other workgroups. I however I think that I could have gotten access if I had changed my workgroup to WORKGROUP, which is the Windows default, something the guy prolly didn't change either. But I'm too much of a lazy ass. Rebooting is friggin long.

-"Storage", which was just a slave drive on his PC which was entirely shared with wirte access. Tons of warez on this, including a WinXP disk that I was looking for and got myself for a friend. Also, some pictures of him with children or grandchildren or whatever. If I would have been less morally correct, I would prolly have found personal info that could lead to identity theft, credit card fraud, an/or both, and/or other mischevious acts.

-"WIN--XP©", his entire boot drive, program files, WINDOWS directory and all. He must have a firewall because I couldn't write (but could view) all of the My Documents elements and stuff in WINDOWS, nor the autoexec.bat or msconfig or startup programs dir. If it weren't for the firewall, big damage could have been caused. Like deleting win32.dll for example. Again, I guess that many personal info could have been found.

And for the router settings:

Everything was stock, except for the SSID. The only thing I had to find was the local adresse that is attributed to the kind of router he used. I tried, for DLINK stuff, and got it first try. Admin pass, router pass were unchanged and therefor blank. From there, who easy is it to change pass, reload a corrupted img file of the router firmware and shut down the whole thing? In fact, a firmware corruption wouldn't even be needed because I'm pretty sure that this kind of people doesn't even read the manual to learn how to reset the router by restarting it.

Being the kind person that I am, I didn't do anything (I was already feeling guilty of downloading 3gb and rolling of stuff off his back ), and I even wrote a one page text document to the guy explaining the basics of securing a wireless network, and putting this everwhere I could on his network shares. I even tried to make it open on startup, but with no result as I couldn't change his startup folder(see network shares above). I was really willing to help out the guy. God I even left him my e-mail for any further assistance. But if you possess a wireless network that's in a condition like his, you might get clients that aren't as nice as me. This is why I urge you to secure you wireless network using Marko's guide on the thing that is pinned in the networking section.

If your really willing to share your bandwidth, resgister to a service like Fon or even by another wireless router that can be piggybacked to your personal router and configured for sharing. But don't let wardriving punks like me steal your social security card number.

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Re: Importance of a secured wireless network

Posted 21 August 2006 - 07:57 PM

Yeah, that happens. This is a good thread to promote the Learning Experience I just finished on building solid Wireless Security -
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