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Monte Carlo simulation

Posted 06 July 2010 - 06:53 AM

I am a new member. My name is Jan van der Peet and I am retired. A few years ago I took up my earlier hobby/profession: computer programming.
My education is secondary school and a degree in Economics and a degree in Industrial Engineering.
Both studies are of use for what I am doing now: programming a system for trading at the stock exchange for people who would like to invest, but lack the necessary knowledge for it. For those interested: It can be freely tried on www.imata.nl.
My hobbies are: soccer, history, reading.
My question is: Can anyone of you tell me where I can download examples in VB6.0 for Monte Carlo simulation?

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Re: Monte Carlo simulation

Posted 07 July 2010 - 10:57 AM

Well since the Monte Carlo Simulation idea is so closely tied to things like statistics, you are often going to find the code in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) instead of straight VB6 code. However, knowing the VBA code can be easily converted to VB6 code (VBA being essentially VB6 for Excel etc) you may find an example of it used in Excel a great place to start.

I did find one site that may prove useful to you which provides a bit of code that uses the Monte Carlo Simulation in a BlackJack project.

BlackJack Project involving the Monte Carlo Simulation (with code example)

I also found another one which was done in C#. If you know the basics around .NET you could translate it into something workable for VB6 as well. This example is part of a platform SDK they are dealing with that also has the same example in VB6... of course you get only a 15 day trial with this. However, here is the code in C# posted for free...

Monte Carlo Simulation Example in C#

Hope these prove somewhat useful to you on your quest. :)
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