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Google API

Posted 04 September 2010 - 07:34 AM


Just looking for some pointers really. I don't have any code at the moment; things are at the drawing board stage! I'm not asking for a solution just yet, rather, tap-in to the DIC knowlege base; maybe even work with someone on it. :)

I'm trying to implement a tool which would allow me to send Product Feeds to Google using the Google API - for which I will be using CSV files.

My feed tool would need to provide google with feeds for UK,US and Germany.

The functionality of this tool is as follows:
1) The tool would allow me to select which products I wanted to send (from the list)
2) I would need to be able to specify which feed I wanted to send (US,UK,DE)
3) After the upload it would need to display all general errors in the communication with the API or any others which would be important.
4) if there are no errors, I should get a "success" message

help appreciated

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