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Suggestion on Reputation.

Posted 22 September 2010 - 12:51 PM

Hey guys, while trying to speed up my program, I've found that the slowest part yet is not having to download and fix all the XML files, it's having to download 2 files per topic. For everything EXCEPT the poster's reputation, I can get simply from the Topic XML, however, to get the user's overall reputation, I have to go and parse the user's profile XML. If you included the user's total reputation in the <user> information of the TOPIC XML, along with the User's rank, avatar, ..., it will speed things up a ton (maybe even on DIC).

Here's the comparisons. (I'm using a large topic: http://www.dreaminco...orial-request/) Normal:


Loaded Properly in 735millies
Parsed Properly in 25millies
(Custom) Parsed Properly in 14698millies
Showing properly in 371millies

The (custom) part is the part I'm talking about. It took 14.5 seconds to parse the User information to find just the reputation.

Without having to get the reputation:


Loaded Properly in 2407millies
Parsed Properly in 36millies
(Custom) Parsed Properly in 167millies
Showing properly in 348millies

This is about 87 times faster on a large topic to NOT have to parse user XML for ever poster in the topic. If it's simply included in the topic's XML, this process will make it so much faster (and if implemented correctly) might be faster on DIC too.

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