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dream.in.code newsletter 30: get your learn on

Posted 23 January 2002 - 09:09 AM

Issue 30 - Wednesday January 23, 2002
In this issue from http://www.dreamincode.net

Brought to you by:

Guardianhosting and dream.in.code have created
the.dream.plan to offer you a better hosting solution.
With the.dream.plan, you get all the benefits of our
Platinum plan, which has an original cost of 16.95,
but for members of dream.in.code, the cost is only
ผ.95 - A savings of 4.00 a month!

With the same support, and same great service,
the.dream.plan plan will support two unique domain
names, and both can be controlled from one control
panel. This is a great starter pack for the developers.

Take advantage of this special offer available only
to dream.in.code members here:
What's in this newsletter?

1. Site News
2. Member Site of the Week
3. dream.in.code developers guild
4. Site Statistics
5. Recent Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews!
6. Industry News for Web Developers
7. Newly Added Resources
8. The Book Corner with The Neoracle
9. Ramble - From Web Master Chris Kenworthy

1. News @ dream.in.code

It's been an exciting week at dream.in.code! Lots of
progress has been made on Project DeltaDream, the
Team is having a blast working on it!

Our own Josh Dura has been nominated as a finalist
in the glorious South by Southwest conference. The
SXSW conference is notorious for up and coming
designers, film makers, and musicians. It is THE
awards show of the South and Southwest. If you have
not seen his site, check it out! http://www.joshdura.com
Congratulations Josh!

Yesterday I found out I won a regional ADDY Award in
the E-Commerce category for Business to Consumer for
a site I worked on at the firm I work for. The ADDY
Award is the most prestigous award an ad agency can
receive and I'm very honored to have won! But it
wasn't all me, congratulations to the entire firm!
Thanks for all your support during the project!

I don't know if I'll be going to this or not, but it's
looking good, you may think about going if you can.
On March 14 and 15 there is a conference being held
in Denver, Colorado with top speakers in the areas
of Web Design, Application Architecture, Application
Development, and Emerging Technologies. Rumor is there
will be several TOP designers attending! Mike Cina,
Eric Jordan, and Mike Young. We'll try to confirm
this for you. For more information go here:


That's all the news for now, I would like to ask a
favor... if anyone has a good knowledge of PHP and
mySQL please drop me an email, we need some help
with a few things and if you are willing to volunteer
your knowledge, it'll be worth your time!

2. Member Site of the Week

Member Name: ashleysucks
Site Name: http://ashley.opakyn.net

She's living in mental anarchy, but she's happy like
that. 14-year old Ashley escapes her tropical home
of Hawaii with this personal website featuring a
frequently updated blog, webcam, and links to
friends' sites. And she has a cute cat. What more
could you ask for?

Discuss this site:

Rate this site:

Nominate your own site:

3. dream.in.code developers guild

Alrighty, I've been putting it off, and now I have
a new excuse.. Project DeltaDream is now taking up
my free time, but on a bright now, part of Project
DeltaDream includes the guild :) so with any luck,
it'll be finished soon!

Remember, the guild is a professional assocation for
web developers, graphic designers, and programmers.
Costing just ŭ (Introductory Offer) this guild is
much more affordable than others like it but comes
with all the great benefits of other guilds!

For starters you'll recieve great discounts on web
hosting from companies like http://www.guardianhosting.net
as well as magainze subscriptions, free software,
news and articles from top developers in YOUR field,
and many other great things!

Keep an eye out here for information on when the
guild will actually open! :)

4. Site Statistics

dream.in.code currently has:

150 Resources: http://www.dreamincode.net/resources
22 Forums: http://www.dreamincode.net/forums.htm

Total Members: 902
Total Posts: 19339
Total Topics: 1992

Average number of topics started by a member: 2.20
Average number of replies by a member: 21.4

Total Hits This Month: 510,769
Average Files Per Day: 11,970
Average Pages Views Per Day: 2,826
Average Unique Visitors Per Day: 553

View all the dream.in.code stats here:
5. Recent Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews!
GearGrip Pro in Product Reviews

Logitech Quickcam Web in Product Reviews

Maxtor 60.0GB Internal Hard Drive (7200RPM) in Product Reviews

Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical in Product Reviews

Masking in Flash in Flash 5

Animating Writing-Using Masking in Flash 5

Files, directories, more... (part 1) in C++

A Quick Beginners Guide to Programming in ISO/ANSI Standard C++ in C++

Submit your own tutorials, articles, or product reviews!
6. Industry News

Putting the Mac in Macromedia...
osOpnion Tue Jan 22 18:58:04 MST 2002

Email Marketing Report Shows Html Ads On The Rise...
Opt-in News Tue Jan 22 11:04:43 MST 2002

Disgruntled IT buyers find a powerful tool in the Web...
ZDNet Tue Jan 22 01:17:41 MST 2002

Manipulate Scrollbar Colors Using CSS and Javascript...
WebmasterBase Sun Jan 20 17:41:59 MST 2002

Adhost Named Only Web Hosting Service for Adobe GoLive 6.0...
Web Host Directory Sat Jan 19 22:04:57 MST 2002

News powered by Moreover Technologies...

7. Newly Added Resources

FLASHGEAR FORUMS (added: 11-Jan-2002)
Flashgear Forums is a community where flash lovers interact,
discuss live problems, display their online projetcs,
ActionScripts, tutorials and many more

Morphed Labs (added: 12-Jan-2002)
The Designer's free resource directory!

project_actionscript (added: 13-Jan-2002)
Learning to work actionscript in 4 weeks, here's my diary
along with open source for some cool effects.

Code Busterz - The New Era of Gaming (added: 13-Jan-2002)
A good new era and old era gaming site, with help for
scripting as well. It's just getting started

x[F-L]x Clan (added: 17-Jan-2002)
We are a starcraft/broodwar and diablo2/Lord of Destruction

ashley.opakyn.net (added: 17-Jan-2002)
She's living in mental anarchy, but she's happy like that.
14-year old Ashley escapes her tropical home of Hawaii with
this personal website featuring a frequently updated blog,
webcam, and links to friends' sites. And she has a cute cat.
What more could you ask for?

i want to be the sky (added: 18-Jan-2002)
A blogger/journal+ site run by a 18 year old girl going to
school in Berkeley CA.

Ask a question.. Post an Answer @ pheerx.net (added: 19-Jan-2002)
A place to ask questions..

SitePoint (added: 21-Jan-2002)
A centralized hub that cotains areas for to help you build
and market your site. It has helpful articles and forums
along with a Tools/Services area. Check it out.

8. The Book Corner with The Neoracle

I pity da fool dat ain't gots no books, so to hook
everyone up, I'm giving my 2 cents out on some books
out right now for both you code monkeys and
designers alike.

First up the designers.  There is a gem out there
right now for anyone that has a nice handle on
Photoshop but want to take it to that next level.
I'm talking about New Masters of Photoshop edited by
none other than uber-designer Mike Cina.  Now, if
you don't know who Mike Cina is, I don't know what
Afghan cave you have been hiding in, but check out
www.weworkforthem.com and be ready to be blown away
(his partner in crime Mike Young also has a chapter).  
But back to the book. . .

The New Masters series has been out for a couple years
now in the Flash field and they are a piece of art as
well as being great books on high level subjects.  
They don't teach you Photoshop step by step but
instead have great artists break down their work
piece by piece so that you can see how they make their
art, their techniques.  This book has a very broad
range of projects, from photo manipulations to
spiffing up vector work, to photo-realistic objects
creating totally in Photoshop.  This is a must for
anyone that thinks they have Photoshop under control.  

Now to all you code monkeys, my favorite little gem out
right now is the PHP Pocket Reference.  This thing rocks!  
It's about the size of a really think soft cover novel,
but is packed with tons of PHP functions and their
descriptions. Only one complaint, no index.  It's also
written by Rasmus Lerdorf the man that created the
language.  Did I mention it is cheap?  บ from Barnes
and Noble.  www.oreilly.com and there are ones for
everything from Apache to Java to Perl.

One more book that is great for anyone that wants to start
a Flash agency, or just learn the ends and outs of a great
process, I suggest Flash deConstruction.  It's a book out
by Juxt Interactive (www.juxtinteractive.com) on New Riders
(www.newriders.com) that is all about the award winning
Juxt process and how they did that AMAZING www.billabong.com
site as well as a few others.  It's great for you
Actionscript/ColdFusion junkies with tons of code and
examples.  Not to mention the great interviews with tons of
big names like Hillman Curtis (hillmancurtis.com), Mike
Young (weworkforthem.com) and  Orange Design
(orangedesign.com). It's a little pricey and a lot of the
code was over even my head so I'd be sure your serious
before you pick this one up.  

That's all I've got for this week but hopefully Chris will
let me hijack some more space in the future. Until then,
Edjumacate yo selfs!

The Neoracle
Will Clark

9. Ramble - From Chris Kenworthy

Well, this is one seriously long newsletter! Lots of
juicy information. So I'll keep my ramble short. I
haven't been doing to much this week. School, work,
sleep... that's about it! I'm hopeing I can get some
gaming time in on Thursday. As usual, I'm sitting in
my Photoshop class typing all this up... I'm actually
learning a fair amount! It's amazing how many ####
tools there are that you never use. And a lot of them
are actually pretty useful. Like those #### blending
options, I never knew the point but now that I know
how to use them, they are coming in pretty handy!

I'd just like to thank Neoracle for his great review
of those 2 books, good stuff man!

Anyway, I said I'd keep it short, so..
That's all from me this week.
Best Regards,

Chris Kenworthy
Web Master
[email protected]

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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 30: get your learn on

Posted 23 January 2002 - 10:10 AM

It was 3 books but oh well. I spelled a word wrong too.
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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 30: get your learn on

Posted 23 January 2002 - 10:35 AM

Yeh, I realized that after I sent it :) I read it twice but when I wrote it I was thinking 2 for some reason
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