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Integrated Security Not working

Posted 21 October 2010 - 01:26 PM

I've created a Scripted .NET application which is taking advantage of Windows Authentication, however when the web server goes to access the database it is attempting NT User\Anon User instead of the user the website has been accessed by. I have set Authentication to windows, identity impersonate to true in the web.config. I have also set Anon login disabled and Integrated Windows Authentication to true in ISS and in the con string i have Integrated Security = "true". I've tried Integrated Security = "SSPI" but that doesn't work either. Has anyone run into this type of issue before, or possibly have a solution for it? The webserver is running windows server 2003, and the application is an intranet application. I have checked and the website is gathering the correct Network ID for PAge Authentication

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