Implementing of speech recognition program (written in Matlab) into PD

Possible to use C++ as the interfacing language??

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Implementing of speech recognition program (written in Matlab) into PD

Posted 19 October 2006 - 07:29 AM

Hi All,

I know that sounds abit out of place.. MAtlab in C++ secction?? But hope someone can help me with it

Iím currently doing a speech recognition project using Matlab. I had done the source code for the recognition part and trying to implement it into PDA or mobile phones. However Iím struck now as I donít know how the interfacing is to be done. I had downloaded the Palm OS Emulator and was trying to study the source code that came with it. Have this speech recognition thing been done before (or using other language?)

1) i heard from friends that C++ can be used for the interfacing part. Is this true?

2) If yes, then is there any software that will enables me to convert my Matlab program to C++?

3) if no, then can someone recommend how should i approach the problem?

Can anyone please enlighten me? Thanks in advance and have a great day ahead!


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