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Track/Cross Country Application

Posted 14 November 2010 - 10:06 PM

As soon as I get out of the woods with finals and have some time to get to some custom projects I'm going to start making a splits calculator and database program.

It's never ceased to annoy me how much I have to draw out charts and calculate splits by hand based on percentages and such, and how even with that averages can be a pain to calculate.

So far I have an excel sheet that calculates splits based on percentages, desired time, and base distance which serves its purpose. After getting this to work I had an idea: Why stop there? What if I could make a server application that can be used on any standard web host that records splits, calculates averages, and reports on the results?

It could easily take hours out of any Track or Cross Country coaches day that would be spent analyzing data. I know that the excel sheet alone has saved me a massive amount of time figuring basic statistics.

Right now I'm debating between keeping it either open or closed source. While I would love to support open source the fact of the matter is I can't afford to give away work when so many people are stingy with donations at best. More than likely I'll offer a single time price of 50-100$ depending on the complexity of the completed application.

Future projects that could be attached to this are iOS applications and Android applications that can remotely add data. This would mean a coach with any recent smart phone can get live statistics on any one of his runners and update within seconds.

More than likely this will be a paid venture in the near future depending on interest, I'm looking for a few experienced programmers to get in on this with me come mid-December. If you're interested in joining up send me a message.

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Re: Track/Cross Country Application

Posted 15 November 2010 - 05:47 AM

I know nothing specifically about Track/Cross Country running, but in terms of an application for statistics... I can help. I am not sure what my timetable will be like but your welcome to contact me if you need any help with it.
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