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dream.in.code newsletter 46: 24 Hours of Design

Posted 22 May 2002 - 12:34 AM

Issue 46 - Wednesday May 22, 2002

In this issue from http://www.dreamincode.net

Brought to you by:

---------- Guardian Hosting -------------

Well we did it! We are finally all migrated over to
our new servers!w00t!!! Except for a little downtime
this evening due to a minor router problem, the new
servers are running great!!! Moving over to the new
servers was a big job for us, and an annoyance for
some of you, but this major hardware upgrade will
insure that Guardian Hosting will be providing you
with the same great services for years to come!

---------- Reseller Dream ----------------

While our new reseller plans at Guardian Hosting are
not yet officially launched, we have full working
sign-ups available early for dream.in.code members.

Troy Guardian Hosting

What's in this newsletter?

1. Site News
2. Member Pick of the Week
3. Featured Resource
4. Featured Download
5. Featured Review
6. Virus Alert
7. News for Geeks
8. Recent Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews!
9. Newly Added Resources
10. Ramble from Skyhawk
11. A Word from the Fictionary
12. Stats are Back!

1. News @ dream.in.code

Just a quick appology... last week we were moving
to the new servers and I was terribly busy with my
life so I didn't have a chance to send out a
newsletter. This week I've been equally busy but we
are completley moved to the new servers so things
are BLAZING fast.

For those of you that missed it, I'll announce it
again with this official press-release:

For Immediate Release (5/21/2002)

http://www.dreamincode.net would like to announce
the Day of Design Competition. Those participating
in this competition will have exactly 24 hours from
12:00AM Saturday, June 8 2002 to design one webpage
in response to a topic/scenario given at the time
competition begins. The topic/scenario will be
chosen randomly and will not be announced till
Midnight June 8th.

Participants will be given FTP access to upload their
webpages to the dream.in.code servers and all entries
received before 11:59PM June 8th will be judged.

Entries will be judged on creativity, content,
fulfillment of requirements given, and overall
appeal. The winner will receive 6 months of free
web hosting from http://www.guardianhosting.net

All those interested in participating in this
competition MUST email [email protected]
with your name, dream.in.code username, and email
address. An FTP account will be created using your
dream.in.code username and password. If you do not
currently have a dream.in.code username and password
you can register here:

I look forward to many great entries, good luck to
everyone... if you have any questions please post
in this thread:
Chris Kenworthy
[email protected]


That's all the news for this week- GET BACK TO WORK!

2. Member Pick of the Week

Pick: Vectorize
Picked By: skyhawk133 ( http://www.spydertl.com )
Link: http://www.vectorize.de

From the designer who brought us Superlooper comes
this minimalist portfolio site. The tiny interface
area is bound to irritate a few people, but bear
with it and you'll find a varied array of
multi-disciplinary work. As an extra bonus there's
a set of free fonts available to download. You can
never have enough free fonts!

Submit your own Member Pick:
[email protected]

3. Featured Resource

Resource: IBHacks
Link: http://www.ibhacks.com/

Since IBForums is this weeks featured download, I
thought it best to feature IBHacks. One of the first
sites released dedicated to hacking and enhancing
IBForums, IBHacks is full of information and
resources to learn and tweak your IBF. A must
bookmark site for anyone using the new IBForums.

Submit a resource:
4. Featured Download

Title: InvisionBoard
Link: http://www.ibforums.com/

From the makers of Ikonboard comes InvisionBoard!
This new forum system is simply the best thing to
happen to the forum 'world' since Ikonboard. So
stable, So fast, So full of features... and... so
easy to install! Under 30 seconds in most cases!

File size: 16 KB (Auto Installer)

5. Featured Review

Product: Neon Lighting
Company: http://www.californeon.net

This is one of those products every geek wants. Neon
lighting for your case. There is a big difference
with the neon Californeon sent me, it's paper thin!
Yeh, that's right... it's as thin as a piece of
paper and still puts out a nice amount of light.
I got the 5 foot length in turquoise and put it on
the inside and front of my case and it emits a nice
glow from the vents. Installation was easy with
the power plug already on the product I simply
plugged it in and it lights up immediatley. The
power converter which comes with double sided tape
on the bottom to place anywhere in your case hums
a little but you get used to it quickly. If you
don't have much room and you want a quick and easy
mod, this is definitley what you should install!

Copyright 2002 - http://www.dreamincode.net

6. Virus Alert
Name: Digispid.B.Worm
Level: 2
Link: http://www.sarc.com/avcente.....B.Worm is a worm which spreads to computers
that are running Microsoft SQL Server and which have
a blank SQL administrator password. It copies files
to the infected computer and changes the SQL
administrator password to a string of four random

The worm is unlikely to propagate in a production
environment using SQL server because it relies
upon the following assumptions to spread:

'sa' SQL server account has no password
SQL is running with Administrative access. By
default, the SQL Server runs in the security context
of a domain user.

An infected machine can be identified by the presence
following characteristics:

Presence of the files, '%System32%driversservices.exe',
'%System32%sqlexec.js', '%System32%clemail.exe',
'%System32%sqlprocess.js', '%System32%sqlinstall.bat',
'%System32%sqldir.js', '%System32%run.js',
'%System32%timer.dll', '%System32%samdump.dll', or
Many outgoing port 1433 requests

7. News for Geeks

Net radio wins reprieve

C++, SQL, Unix and C are key skills - still

All the World Cup news that's not fit to print

Friends Reunited user in libel payout

Poll on cards for Tiny warranty holders left in the lurch

CPU spot market quiet, waiting for P4 price cuts

Systemax UK reins in Misco ops

Sons of Ulster join e-commerce revolution

Dell cuts 150 jobs in Ireland

Tosh preps curved LCD screen

Powered by The Register

8. Recent Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews!
Hello World, an intro to C++ in C++

Cookies in PHP in Perl/Javascript/XML/PHP

Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 2) in Perl/Javascript/XML/PHP

Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 1) in Perl/Javascript/XML/PHP

Making an Object follow your Mouse in Flash 5

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer in Product Reviews

Neat Triangle Effects in Photoshop 6.0

GearGrip Pro in Product Reviews

Submit your own article or tutorial
9. Newly Added Resources

PHP Developers Network (added: 17-May-2002)
An upcoming community with sites all about he promotion of

InterAKT Online :: software development for the Internet (added: 21-May-2002)
InterAKT Online is the creator of the Ultradev PHP
extensions, PHAkt, ImpAKT and NeXTensio - enterprise level
Internet solutions for software developers. InterAKT also
provides a full package of Internet, Intranet and Extranet
development services

Perl-express (added: 8-May-2002)
Perl-express is a unique and powerful integrated development
environment (IDE) under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, including all
necessary tools for writing and debugging your perl-

eServicesHub.com (added: 8-May-2002)
eSH is a growing freelancer community, trading hub and a
free and open marketforum focusing on internet-based
services and building a common discussiontrade forum for
buyers and service providers (SP).

mustywig official website (added: 8-May-2002)
Musty wig official web site!! check out :p


Submit your own resources!
10. Ramble from Chris Kenworthy (skyhawk133)

How's everyone doing?! It's 1:26AM and I just got
home, seems like a common theme lately as I've been
going to the club or to a party someplace in town
every night. I went from having absolutley no life,
to haveing a life I can hardly handle. I think I've
learned more in a couple weeks about people than I
have in my 19 years of existance.

We are approaching our move date quickly and I'm
excited about getting into a new house, but tonight
I was offered an apartment near here for a pretty
good price and was thinking of takeing it. We'll
see. It'd be a big change for me living away from
my parents, they've been my lifeline for ever and
even though I would have a blast living alone, I'm
sure it'll be scary at first. Oh well... that's
life and everyone does it sometime.

I appologize for not being around the site lately,
between a few of the girls I've met... work... and
the club, I've not had time for anything and I know
it's no excuse and I've neglected many of you, I'm
sure things will die down soon... those that know
me know I go through phases... this is just one of
those phases.

One last thing, the thing people point out most
often about my personal site ( http://www.spydertl.com )
is that it says I'm 17, well I made a new design
for that today and I'm gonna turn it into a
Blog of sorts. I figure I gotta get in on this
Blag fest huh!? :)

Chris Kenworthy
dream.in.code webmaster
[email protected]

11. A Word From the Fictionary

Submitted By: Ekostudios http://www.ekostudios.com/fictionary/

fictionary - fik'-shin-er- n. 1) a dictionary that
isn't real. 2) this.

12. Stats are Back!

I'd have some stats, but our stats broke with the
server move... so wait a while, we'll have some new
ones for you!

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