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Does anyone know about this company?

Posted 20 November 2010 - 07:46 AM

I have heard from a friend about a Company that does SEO and charge per results only, does the on-page, content etc, charging only for the rankings achieved but has someone here actually used it? I am not sure if I can post the URL here please sorry if its not allowed: carlosmarruffo.com.

I came to the site and spoken to a guy who sent me a prices table for some keywords I wanted and told me I will have to pay when the keywords reach Top50, Top20... Top10 etc, I would like to know if someone has ever used or heard of these guys and tell me your experience before I use their services, there must be a catch right?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Does anyone know about this company?

Posted 20 November 2010 - 05:56 PM


You have to understand that SEO keyword ranking is not a fixed thing. He could guarantee that you get into the top 20 results on Google and then the next day you will be knocked off. Thus it is pretty much throwing away your money. Even if you ask this expert if he guarantees that your page will be in the top 20 for one month then you will pay he will be a bit more reluctant.

Do realize that other people out there are also optimizing their sites for keywords and so it is a constant game of tweaks and changes which will boost their site while lowering yours. If you read carefully too you do see that part of the work they will do is dip into your site and also tack on costs for making optimizations for your site.

Some of the best site optimizations can be done with a little knowledge and small changes to a site.

1) Pick great keyword rich titles for your pages (number 1 easy modification) that accurately reflects the content of the page in under 66 characters. Don't make it too broad or too narrow.

2) Add description meta tags to your pages as well which provide a great description of what is on the content. Keep in mind that this is what shows up on result snippets. Keep it under two sentences and make sure it it keyword rich and sells your site to people who might be looking for certain keywords.

3) Nice big (dimensions wise) images on your site with alt and title attributes will help your images get listed in Google images as well as the alt/title attribute should accent what the picture is and keep in mind that these are also indexed by search engines.

4) Keep heavy use of tables out of your page's source code and go with focusing on the content rather than a bunch of code doing structure. If your pages are 50% content and 50% <td> and <tr> tags, your content will be diluted compared to someone who has 80% content and 20% small div tags.

5) If you want to rank for a keyword term like "Bulldozer rentals" then make sure your content also includes "Bulldozer", "rentals" and "Bulldozer rentals" a few times in the page. The goal here is to have your page title, images and content all saying "Hey this is a page about Bulldozer rentals".

6) Get other people to link to your site and make sure they are quality sites. If you have some big name web sites pointing to you as an "authoritative source" of information then search engines are going to rank you higher. Read up on Google's "Page Rank" idea to understand how this works better.

7) Don't spam up your page with keywords. Make sure the content is rich, interesting, contains your keywords in moderation and stays on topic. Google, and other search engines, can quickly determine when a page is "spammy" and actually delist it.

Here are some of the top things you can do now to make your pages more attractive. One thing that this expert did say was "takes hard work" and they are right. It isn't hard because of complexity, it is hard because you just have to keep at it and tweaking to make it better. In other words, maintain your site. Don't optimize it and then leave it there to rot.

Do the things I have listed above for free and if you are still not satisfied, at least you have done some of the work that these guys would have done in the beginning and they can work on the more "tweakish" things that may help. I would never pay the kind of prices they are quoting though... especially knowing that the results they deliver could mean nothing a month from now after they have taken your money.

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Re: Does anyone know about this company?

Posted 08 December 2010 - 03:58 PM

And just to note. If you go through the information provided by Google, they tell you that these companies that state a good page ranking are false. Google say that no one is able to promise a good page ranking because the whole process which ranks pages runs of many different entities, and I heard that only about three people in the world know the true underlieings of the formula used to check pages. Basically, the point I am making that google basically list these sites as scams, so beware.
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Re: Does anyone know about this company?

Posted 03 January 2011 - 07:54 AM

i work for a web design/seo company, and i can tell you that nobody can guarantee you a certain result, nobody can guarantee you extra traffic, nobody can guarantee your going to make loads of money, all they can guarantee is that it wont be free.
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