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Get to know your forum leaders!

Posted 03 December 2010 - 01:08 AM

In this thread, we will keep a current list of Functional Programming Forum Leaders, along with a brief introduction to each of the forum leaders.


Anthony Simpson (Raynes)
I am young, ambitious coder, born and raised in a small town in Alabama called Eldridge. I got my start programming around age 13. While I experimented with several languages, my first serious language was Haskell. My experience is predominately in functional programming languages, and I am a very active member of the Clojure language community.

My first large project was an IRC bot written in Clojure called 'sexpbot' (a pun on s-expressions) that is still in active development. It has found a place in the Clojure community providing services such as sandboxed Clojure code evaluation to the #clojure IRC channel on freenode, and has had several contributors over time.

My most well-known and 'important' project was also my first webdev project. Try Clojure, a website designed to introduce people to the Clojure language by providing them with a no-barrier entry to the language with a web-based, sandboxed REPL, and a brief tutorial (that isn't impressive at the moment, but there are plans). You can find it at http://try-clojure.org

I have been home schooled for the entirety of my life. I have only stepped foot in a public school a couple of times for entirely non-education-related reasons. I live with my mother, aunt, and uncle. I have a wonderful little pussycat named Wind that I rescued (from under the house) as a kitten before she became completely feral. I also have had a corn snake named Parenthesis (Yes, really) and my mother has a dog named Mitzy. We've had several other animals in the past, including a rabbit and a turtle at one point.

Besides writing code, I enjoy listening to all sorts of music. If I wasn't a programmer, I'd probably be a singer or musician. My favorite artists are many.

Facebook: http://www.facebook....p?id=1326411712 (Not very active)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/IORayne (Fairly active)
Github: http://github.com/Raynes (Extremely active, this is where all my projects are centered)

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