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Get To Know Your Forum Leaders!

Posted 03 December 2010 - 11:59 AM

Get to know your forum leaders below! Forums leaders are guys and gals who love spending time on DIC and helping out people who have programming issues. C# is our weapon of choice!

Say hello to our forum leaders!


Sergio Tapia

I'm a 21 year old programmer who only started programming when I entered college. I didn't know one iota of programming before college, but hey, hard work and love for the craft is more than enough to be good at it. I'm a father of two, a 2 year old boy and a 2 week old girl and married to an orthodontist.

My hobbies include playing videogames, horsing around with my son (seriously, I'm a kid at heart) and trying to weld things together using super glue.

I also freelance on oDesk and generally have a good time there because I pick projects that make me learn things.

Website: http://www.sergiotapia.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lostinthegc


Curtis Rutland
a.k.a. Curtis Rutland

I'm 26, and have been programming for about ten years now. Mostly little things here and there, in high school and college. I enjoyed it a lot, but I didn't do it for a living until fairly recently. I've been developing .NET applications for a paycheck for about four years now. Funny to think a farm boy (literally, grew up on a cattle and hay farm) from south Texas would end up with a career in programming?

I've worked with pretty much all the major .NET technologies, but recently I've focused on Silverlight. Truly, I prefer the back end. I don't really care about the front end, I like solving the logic puzzles of an application, not tweaking its visuals.

When I'm not programming or sleeping or back at the farm helping out, I'm likely to be playing WoW (Exodar server, Human DK named Cürtïs, hit me up if you play on that server). Yeah, I'm a geek, but I've come to accept that. If I'm not doing that, I'm reading.

Blog: insertAlias.Write("...");


Hello everyone, I go by the name of Martyr2 and I am American even though I live in Vancouver Canada. I have been programming for over 13 years and have worked as a programmer in many industries. Some of my experience includes appliance retail software, the travel industry where I was responsible for over 170+ websites world-wide and just recently transferred over to a hot tech company doing communication software. I consider this job a bit of a "think tank" because of the free reign I am given to explore programming concepts. The last few years I have focused on system/algorithm design, best practices and general programming theory.

I deal extensively with C# in my current job and asked to make creative solutions to complex problems. It is by far my favorite language for desktop programming. Here on DIC I have helped hundreds of people in C#, as in other forums and enjoy exploring programming design and solving problems as a Mentor.

I am a bit of a bookworm as well and often know about a lot of C# books, resources for beginners through advanced experts and like giving answers that not only work, but also explain "Why" we do something. I am happy to be one of your forum leaders and if you support me, I promise to support you guys! Thanks! :)


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Replies To: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders!

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Re: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders!

Posted 29 October 2012 - 02:29 PM

Very nice stories! I enjoyed reading them! Thank you all for helping others, it is very selfless.
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Re: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders!

Posted 05 February 2013 - 03:02 PM

Nice to get to learn some more about the people who are responsible for such great content on the DIC.
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