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Hashcode method of integer class

Posted 05 December 2010 - 02:40 PM

So like my other few threads I'll be up front and tell you this is a homework assignment.

Part of this is as follows: "Use the hashcode method of the Integer class as your hashing function and use one of the Java Collections API implementations of hashing"

Now my book gives a brief description of exactly what hashing is. Moves on to writing some hashing functions, collisions and removing elements . And a basic overview and operations lists of the 7 java collections API.

So I have a basic understanding of hashing but I just don't have any examples to draw on and say "oh yeah ok, so that's how you do it".

So I come to you in the hopes that one of you guys knows of a tutorial or some snippets of code that will help me understand my task at hand so I can finally be done with class "last assignment :)". I'll be glad to answer anything I can though I'm not sure what help that would be lol

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