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LoveMachine: Hiring PHP/MySQL coders for on-going projects

Posted 07 December 2010 - 07:35 AM

Hi from the LoveMachine !

We are a software development company created by the founder and by one of the creators of Second Life, Philip Rosedale & Ryan Downe.

We're developing several very interesting pieces of software and we might be able to use your help.

Our first offering, also called the LoveMachine, is a crowd-sourced performance and bonus system that empowers employees at all levels to participate more meaningfully in the process using a simple, yet effective tool based on transparency and valuation.

We're also doing things differently in terms of how we work together:

We don't do interviews, and we don't believe that paying people a monthly salary in exchange for telling them what to do makes sense anymore. It may never have. I know, I know, that's just crazy talk.

How we do things here is different - we have a worklist (http://dev.sendlove....st/worklist.php ) which contains what we need done and are doing. Find something you want to do and bid on it. Ping us in our journal. We give you a sandbox on our dev system and you do the work. If we like your work and your prices, we give you more stuff to do. There are other devs (and us) in the chat channel to answer questions (http://dev.sendlove.us/journal/ ). If there is something you think we need that's not on the list, tell us.

Also, based on the amount of work you've done, you get bonus money to distribute to everyone else in whatever way you think makes sense. That includes us, the founders. It's a very compelling way of building software. As we become profitable, we'll distribute net income in the same way. This is different than the traditional stock option based startup - we all participate in the success of the company equally and immediately.

We are building great software, and we are looking for PHP, MySQL & Javascript developers. We need people that are skilled generalists, fun to work with, and that can be trusted with root on our various machines. You can work as much as you like; you choose on which jobs you place bids based on your skillset.

We have a lot of open projects for bid and need your help to get these tasks done. You can work from anywhere in the world - many of our coders do! All jobs are paid as soon as completed and are fixed priced bids.

Questions?: Drop by the journal and ask, or e-mail [email protected]


Philip, Ryan and the LoveMachine Team!

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