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Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

Posted 08 December 2010 - 11:28 AM


this is a thread to get to know the forum leaders (as it said), each forum leader will post his/her user name and a small 'about me'.


im a 17 year old high schooler who has a passion for logic. my love of logic begin with chess in 8th grade (i was 13). i had known how to play chess sense i played the DOS battle chess but i was oblivious to the logic involved in winning a game. a preacher from my school (whom i became good friends with, it was a baptist boarding school) started a chess club. normally i wouldn't considered such i thing but i had some interesting conversations with him in passing and he mentioned it so i though i would try it. much to my surprise i loved it and became enthralled with it. i read books galore, replaying famous games to try and understand the logic, everything. i felt i had a real knack for it, so i decided to try my luck in a competition(now summer between 8th and 9th gade). i found out that there where 10 year old's far better than me that had been playing much longer and where going all over the states (and even world) to play chess. the utter defeat i experienced humbled and discouraged me. i kept at it but never with the same enthusiasm.

seeking other outlets that exercised this relatively new concept of logic being made to solve problems i was not taught to solve(e.g. math class) i decided i was going to make a full fledged video game with no former knowledge of programing. my search in how to do this led me to learning c++ as it was the only thing i was aware of. after being humbled again by the complexity of making a video game(i still didn't realize how big a task it was) i settled for learning c++ via console apps (as all beginners). i found that console apps where more than enough of a challenge to fill my need for logic. after a year or so of programing i was almost certain i wanted to major in computer science and that i had found my 'nich' in life so to speak.

Im fascinated with all things all things related to compiler dev. I have made countless attempts at small languages both scripted and compiled and other than a few near assembly like languages and a small language that worked similarly to c but only handled unsigned integers, including pointers, i don't have much to show for it :(. i also enjoy making games (mostly 2D) now that i have the ability to make them. I recently started using love2d, a 2D game engine that uses Lua, and really like it. i love playing games as much as making , sometimes more if im frustrated, so ive put almost all the money ive come across into my desktop. i might enjoy finding good deals on GPU's and procs more thrilling than playing the game there used for.

My main language is C++, with a side order Lua , it was my first language and after learning several others i always come back to it. I enjoy learning new languages but i seldom take the time to learn each one extensively. Other hobbies include reading XKCD, smack talking with my friends, arguing for the sake of arguing, doodling in class, watching movies, and of course visiting DIC. i consider my self a nerd and am happy to help anyone with anything i can :)

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Replies To: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

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Re: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

Posted 15 December 2010 - 05:15 PM


I'm a computer science graduate and professional programmer with most of my experience from the games industry,
C++ is by far my favorite programming language that I use for almost everything I code. Under Windows I code using Visual Studio, and under Linux my preference is NetBeans C++ IDE. I primarily code games and various components of game engines also in my spare time.

C++ is a glorous language worthy of very careful consideration when coding; just because it compiles doesn't mean it 'works' or is the finest solution either.

Gaming is another passion of mine on the PS3 and PC, but that's another story. :)
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