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Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

Posted 08 December 2010 - 02:22 PM

Current Ruby Forum Leaders

xclite said:


I'm Brian. I am a graduate of Virginia Tech and work as a software developer for a company you've probably heard of.

I started programming in 9th grade of high school, starting with BASIC, then Pascal, and finally Java. I've played with a lot of languages (far more now than when I first wrote this blurb), but I'm most familiar with Java, Ruby, and Clojure.

I don't honestly remember how I got into Ruby - I remember wanting a language that wasn't Java. I wrote a Perl script and couldn't remember what it did 5 minutes later. The comment line was longer than the program. I worked with Python for a while, and although it gets things done, I often find myself hacking around the "one obvious way to do things." Ruby lets me get things done, it's highly readable, and it has never gotten in my way.

I don't actively develop many new projects in Ruby, but it remains my go-to language for scripting, glue, and testing out ideas.

Besides programming, I suffer through races of various distances, resistance training, and making beer (the first two activities are to make up for the last).

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