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Publishing to RegNow -- What to upload?

Posted 10 December 2010 - 11:07 AM

I want to publish a shareware program (my first such project ever) with RegNow.
The protection I am using is the free version of Software Passport provided by DR Network to RegNow authors, and I chose the quick method of having SwP generate a Trial and a Purchased license. The protected files is a 30-day trial with nag screens that offer the user to enter the registration code.

RegNow takes the author through 4 steps to publish.
Step 1: checked License and RegNow Affiliate Program
Step 2: provided all items of General Information
Step 3, Screen 1: checked Armadillo for license
Step 3, Screen 2: provided the required data, including the ARM file generated by SwP
Step 4: Wants a Trial file and a Standard file, and this is where I got stuck.

As a first-time author (and not even a professional programmer) I'd be grateful for answers to the following:

- What is Standard file and Trial file?
- Do I really need to upload TWO file versions, and if yes, how do they need to differ?

(I exchanged a couple of mails with the RegNow Accounts Department, but the answers were not very helpful. I gave up when the person there wrote this: "You mention that you used Software Passport Full." I never said that. I also asked the above two questions but got no response to them.)

Thanks in advance.

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