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Posted 21 December 2010 - 03:47 PM

What you need::

What you should previously know::
Some knowledge of the GIMP interface

Let's get started::

Make a new image, in this tutorial I will be using sizes of 400x30

Fill the Background with black, then create a new layer.
Select orange as your foreground color.
Now go to the blend tool, and select gradient FG to BG.
Now, lay the gradient over the image by clicking and dragging across the image.

Posted Image
Duplicate the layer with the gradient, and go to FILTERS>DISTORTS>VIDEO Select 3x3,and hit OK.
That made basic scan-lines.

You can leave the mode as normal, or go through the modes and change to whichever you think looks the best.

Posted Image
Now for the text::
I am using a font called SF Movie Poster, but you can use whatever. I think white looks the best in this case, so select the Text Tool, change to the font you want, along with the color. Create a new layer, and put the text where you want it.

Now to make it look better, and add more depth, I add a shadow to the text.
To do this, duplicate the text layer. Click alpha to selection (Right click on layer then his Alpha to Selection) on the duplicated layer,click on the bucket fill tool, change the color to black, and click on the text.

Then, go to FILTERS>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and change the numbers to between 5-7. Now move that layer a little under the original text layer to add a shadow effect.

Posted Image

Now I am going to do the same to the other side of the image, but put </> there. (and use black font this time) Now, instead of doing the shadow, I'm going to duplicate the text, go to FILTERS>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR, and set a blur of 5 on it.

Posted Image

From here, make a new layer and click on the ellipse select tool (circle tool) Drag it across the image, so about half if it has a circle through it. Now go to your bucket fill tool, select white and fill the ellipse with it. Change the opacity of it to around 20-40%.
Posted Image

Flatten your image by going to IMAGE>FLATTEN IMAGE
Make a new layer, and fill it with black.
Right click on the layer, and go to ALPHA-SELECTION
Go to SELECT>SHRINK and do 1 px
Now press Delete

And viola! your done!

Posted Image

Have any questions? Feel free to PM me or post

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