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VOLUNTEER Developer needed for website startup

Posted 07 January 2011 - 02:29 PM

Hello all,

As you can probably guess, we're in need of a developer. A co-worker and I have been taking steps to take our careers into our own hands and launch a website. We've currently working on the feature set and rough design of the website, but we will need a developer to join the team to take what we have and turn it into a functional site as well as provide a development perspective on plans related to the site's future. I'm not going to sugar coat our situation, because I'm not interested in wasting anyone's time (including my own). If you read the following and think you may be interested, please send me an email (listed below).

Currently the team consists of 2 dedicated members, the first being my co-worker and the second one being myself. I'm currently in a server/desktop support position and attending classes for C++ programming. I don't know nearly enough (yet) to take this task on, but I have never been afraid of learning new things. My partner worked for one of the worldís largest PR firms until he resigned in order to peruse his MBA and a career in sports marketing. We have a few other members that help us from time to time, but nothing static.

The site's end goal will be to serve as a one-stop-shop for gaming needs. We will eventually provide tools for things such as news, reviews, community collaboration, networking, clans (guilds), digital communication, and event planning (just to name a few) in relation to all aspects of gaming (table top, video, card, etc). We'll be heavily focused on community created content and hope to provide every type of gamer with the best resource possible for gaming information, communication, and collaboration.

We feel that the current amount of features wanted for the site are too large for a start-up, so we would like to take a handful of essential features and create a beta version in which features will be added to. This beta version will be shown to potential investors and advertisers in an effort to secure financial backing.

We're currently looking for someone who can create the website from the ground up. We have some design ideas that may be a bit of a challenge, so we're looking for someone who knows quite a bit about website design. I don't have a particular preference in language, but PHP seems well suited for the job. The site will also be DB heavy so SQL is a must. I'll be purchasing the web space soon, so you'll be able to choose your preferred server platform as well. An appreciation of gaming is definitely a plus, but certainly not required.

We're not looking for a one-time development of the site. We are looking for a developer with a vested interest in the website to work only during his or her spare time. Currently, no one on the team is receiving payment for their efforts, but all members will be rewarded once we get the site on its feet. I'm aware it's a lot to ask, but I assure you that your contributions will be well compensated down the road. I'm also aware that this method isn't a popular one, but all expenses for the site are currently coming out of our pockets (including URL, server space, accountants etc) so I'm afraid funds are limited.

If you think you would like to talk more about the opportunity please send us an email at [email protected]


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