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Starting Up with CF Issue

Posted 14 January 2011 - 08:05 PM

I am new to this forum and have been away from ColdFusion (work wise) for a few years. My wife and I are working on a new business opportunity and one of the software apps I am going to be using to build site is a rough template that we can make our own. The software has requirements which I provided to a web hosting company in which they responded they could support. Here is my problem, they have set me up by providing the following:

1. ftp credentials
2. Database server name, user name and password (apparently a database was created and named as well)

My issues:
1. I have loaded all of the files, however some of the presteps I must complete cannot be executed as I don't know when to go based on the information provided.
2. I am suppose to create a database, with the data provided by hosting company (server name, database name, userid and password), but no control/access panel, am I missing something?
3. suppose to create a data source name pointing to newly created database, again don't know where to create
4. I need to register a .dll in ColdFusion Administrator, again no access to a control panel, so not sure where this ColdFusion Administrator is at?

New hosting company is called: strategic solutions (http://www.strategicsolutions.net)

Initial requirements for software are as follows:

ColdFusion 5.x + (PRO/ENT) and ColdFusion MX (PRO/ENT)
CF File / CF Directory
CF Content (workaround may be available)
SMTP Server
Installation of CFX_Image DLL (included)
MSSQL Server 7+ (Microsoft® ODBC Only)

Any help on what I can do to get the mess above corrected, so I can start working on my site would be appreciated.



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Replies To: Starting Up with CF Issue

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Re: Starting Up with CF Issue

Posted 15 January 2011 - 07:35 AM

Jason, first off: welcome to DIC.

I had a look at the hosting provider's site and ran across this link Coldfusion hosting. Did you purchase one of those hosting options and if so, which one? If you purchased any of those you'll be working with CF8 or 9 (as opposed to your required spec of CF5 or MX).

In any event, they have told you that they set up a database for you. You'll need to know whether they used MySQL or SQL Server as your database platform.

If you did buy one of the CF hosting packages you'll need to inquire of them for the URL to the CF admin as well as what they used for the setup admin password. Once you can login to your CF admin panel you'll be able to do much of your CF config work there.

You mentioned they had given you "server name, database name, userid and password" for your database. Once you know which platform you're using, you can go out and get a database interface application that will let you log in to your database, create new databases, tables, etc and so on. You'll need the external access URL and port number so you can connect to your database from outside with your interface app.

Most hosting companies have decent support services. In your case, you're not needing them to do anything for you as opposed to providing you with the information you need so you can do it. So to recap:

  • You need to know which database product (and version) they've set you up with
  • You need to get the CF admin URL and admin password from them
  • You'll need the appropriate external connection info for your database

With that info in hand, your life becomes a lot easier. If you can get that info but still require further help, come back here with it and I'm sure we can give you a hand.

Good luck!

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