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Oracle Portal,Forms, Reports and Discoverer Installation

Posted 17 January 2011 - 03:33 AM

Oracle Forms/Reports Install ProblemsQuestion:

I am having trouble installing Oracle Portalt, Forms, Reports and Discoverer 11g (ofm_pfrd_win_11. through disk4_1of1) and using the ofm_pfrd_win_11. patchset.
My configuration to date:

Win 7 x64
Java x64 (jdk 1.6u23)

My Steps:
Install Oracle 11gR2 x64 to C:\Oracle
create repository for portal,portlet,discoverer
install weblogic
install software only 11.1.2 (Oracle PFRD)
Run patchset 11.1.3 (Oracle PFRD)
run psa.bat in new Oracle_Home (only for portal - which I later realized I did not need)
Run config.bat from Oracle_Home as admin

I aliased the offending path variables (the ones with spaces) before running the config.bat script and reference (heavily) these forums:

As well as the Fusion Middleware Document Library (best download ever)

The Problem:

After running through all the rigamarole of setup tasks, The darn config manager hangs at Step 12 (The actual config process. I have been looking at "Creating Domain" for the past three days (ok not really, but you get the point). I have followed the install guides as closely as possible, examined forums, dotted "i's", crossed "t's", jumped through flaming flying hoops with my eyes closed...I don't know what's left. There has to be something I missed, I just don't know what else to look for.

FYI: I realize that Oracle PFRD is "out of fashion" but it's still relevant (IMO)...reason: Oracle BI and APEX 4 have no possibility at custom forms and reports (i.e. design your own form/report using BI Publisher then push it to APEX - sort of). When I tried to do this using the automated tools given (using the links embedded within the BI console page - BI for word - or something like that) I get a message about that functionality (customization) not being available in the free version. Sorry, that's a turn off. I like Oracle, but it's a little complicated - I'm learning - and expensive to buy full version stuff. If I am barking up the wrong tree with Oracle PFRD, can someone steer me straight?


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