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Silverlight Rough Cut Editor - SP1 Released

Post icon  Posted 17 January 2011 - 07:58 PM

Microsoft announced that the first service pack was released for Silverlight Rough Cut Editor.

What's RCE?


Silverlight Rough Cut Editor (RCE) simplifies the editing and publishing process, enabling real-time, browser-based video editing, and providing the ability for publishers to improve collaboration, manage dynamic metadata and deliver exciting content to the Web.
RCE provides media organizations with a lightweight, Web-based tool that editors anywhere can use to assemble and edit video, audio, images, and XAML overlays with time code accurate control. Powered by Microsoft Silverlight, the RCE provides a rich, stutter-free, full-screen editing experience. The RCE has an open and extensible architecture, and it can be integrated into any digital asset management (DAM) and any encoding/ transcoding system that an organization is already using.

Official Page

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