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Using sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. Want to set id field without user choice

Posted 23 January 2011 - 08:34 PM

Hi all.

I am using Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine 1.2 and sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. I have a article create page. On my article table, i have profile_id field for saving which user (author) wrote it.

My problem is, when a user write an article and click to save, even if i can get profile_id from user, i cant set profile_id automatically.

In my articleForm class, i can set default value for select box, but user can change it. If i try to make it read only, profile_id cannot be saved on db.

Here is my configure function from articleForm class:

// getting user_id $user = sfContext::getInstance()->getUser(); $user_id = $user->getGuardUser()->getId();

// converting for profile table
$converter = Doctrine_Query::create()
            ->where('sf_guard_user_id = ?', $user_id);

// fetching
$result = $converter->fetchArray();

$this->widgetSchema->setDefault('profile_id', $result[0]['id']);

To make it read only, i used:


But as i said before, this way, profile_id cannot saved on db. Without second part of code, current id came as default but users can change it.

How can solve it? Any idea? Thanks a lot...

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