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Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

Posted 26 January 2011 - 11:37 AM

This thread is one of the ways for you to get to know who your forum leaders are and provide some bio perspective on their experience and advice


As of this writing, I'm a 44 year old developer of internet applications using ColdFusion. I've worked with CF for the past 12 years (since late 1999), started with the old Allaire CF 3.1 and worked my way through every iteration of CF from Allaire, through Macromedia and now Adobe. Along the way I also spent several years working with NewAtlanta's BlueDragon CF platform and currently work day to day with CF9 and OpenBD (the open source version of BlueDragon).

I came to be a CF developer through an entirely unexpected direction: I was an insurance claims executive in the workers' compensation industry who wanted very much to leave that soul-crushing work. I happened to meet someone at a trade show who was looking for someone with insurance experience they could train to write ColdFusion (as their thinking went: it'd be easier to teach an insurance expert a dev language than to teach a developer insurance stuff). I grabbed it and went from there. This means that aside from a two day "Introduction to ColdFusion" course I attended, my formal education (B.A. in History from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario) did little to pave my move into web development and I am almost entirely self-taught. I've been extremely fortunate to have worked with a lot of great people who mentored me for the first few years and I was even more fortunate to survive the dot-com bubble bursting when many others in my field did not.

I've written applications in ColdFusion ranging from document management, to customer/prospect management to an application to collect and provide reporting on K-12 education metrics to a custom content management system for a large internet firm running dozens of technical site...and a whole lot of smaller contract gigs in between. In short, I've seen a lot and if I haven't seen all of it, I probably know someone who has.

While I've managed to stay in positions wherein I can continue to code, I've also supervised coders and opened, run and sold my own business. I joined D.I.C. a few years back to ask a question and stayed to help answer more questions. The CF forum here can be a little slow but I try to address each new post as it shows up. The folks here are helpful and I've found them to be persistent in trying to help you to an answer beyond what you normally see elsewhere.

Welcome to D.I.C. and please remember to register and check back often!

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